My Kick Butt Start to my Film Greeting Card Line

I dreamed about creating my greeting card line for four years before I decided I needed to do it. I work in the film business on different feature films (The Dark Knight, The Fugitive) and TV shows (Chicago Fire, Mind Games), and for years I searched for cool greeting cards to give to my assistants as thank you cards for a job well done. I went from store to store to try and find anything related to the film business. It was so frustrating! I couldn’t find a greeting card that I thought was cool enough to give out. That was when the dream to create my own card line began. It began, as a desire to fill a niche that had not be filled.

What began as a desire to create, bloomed into a full blown, “I have to make these cards!” Now, I am super busy casting extras for films and TV and just like other people out there like YOU, wanting to create a greeting card line can be a dream, that I am here to tell you can become a reality. You don’t have to be an artist, and you don’t have to be a writer, but if you are an artist all the better! If you are a writer, even better!

I started by making a list of each card that I wanted to create. I knew that I wanted to make a greeting card for the wardrobe department, the stunts department, the extras department, for Actors and Actresses, for the wrap (ending) of a film, a happy birthday card, a Christmas card, etc. I found my fabulous artist, Roderick De Jesus, and based on my sketches and composition of each card he sketched my producer card:

TDS Producer sketch Rod 300x214 My Kick Butt Start to my Film Greeting Card Line

From this sketch came the watercolor painting:


TDS Rod producer card 300x214 My Kick Butt Start to my Film Greeting Card Line

After the watercolor painting was created I wrote the copy and then took this scanned image to my graphic designer and he added the words to the card:

producer card 300x300 My Kick Butt Start to my Film Greeting Card Line

I adore my greeting cards for the film industry and I am constantly designing new cards as there are many different departments within the film business, just like there are many different facets of any business, organization, philosophy, artistry and concept that you can develop to keep growing your card business. I started with my passion for film and as I grow my eyes open to new ideas to create new greeting cards.

It is cliché, but find your passion and from this passion the vision of your greeting card will follow. Poof! It’s “I dream of Jeannie” after all.

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