Compiling the Greeting Card Keyword Data

By now you should have compiled a list of keywords based on the theme word ‘Greeting Cards’. I this next video I take you through the process of finding and compiling the keyword data that is vital when planning your online greeting card business.

I show you two ways of getting this data; the manual way and using a software based tool called Market Samurai. It was only a few years ago when I had to do all this research the manual way I go through in the video but thankfully there is an easier solution if you want to use it. I have used the software in this video for three years now and I could never go back. It allows me to research keywords in my market place quickly instead of days.

Why do you need to do this research?

Unless you are a gambler then I recommend doing your home work before diving head first into an online business because you could end up wasting a lot of your time, money and enthusiasm. On the other hand, if you put the time into doing this research it will prepare the foundation for a successful and enjoyable greeting card business.

Keyword Research Tool – Free Trial: Market Samurai

When doing this research you will discover terms and ideas for your online business as well. You don’t just have to just focus it on greeting cards, but you may find a keyword like ‘Card Making Materials’ or ‘Card Making Ideas’ that get a lot of traffic with little competition. You could create a category on your web site that focuses on these keywords and create articles and or videos like the one I did and when you get enough traffic you can sell advertising space or sponsorship for the content you create about those keywords. Really the sky’s the limit with an online business and I will continue to reveal those tips and opportunities that wait you as I continue with this series.

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